Petzl Absorbica-I Energy Absorber

$84.99 USD

Size: 150CM


The Petzl Absorbica-I is an essential tool for fall arrest during high-altitude work. Designed to meet both US and European safety standards, this single lanyard features an integrated energy absorber that helps limit the impact force on the user. The compact and self-contained energy absorber is highly abrasion-resistant and absorbs energy progressively by tearing the webbing contained in the pouch. With the Petzl Absorbica-I, you can trust that you're using a reliable and effective solution for fall arrest during your high-altitude work.

Certification: ANSI Z359.13, CE EN 355, CE EN 354, CE EN 362

  • The Petzl Absorbica-I is a reliable solution for fall arrest during high-altitude work, suitable for users between 110lbs and 286lbs.
  • Featuring an integrated energy absorber, this single lanyard helps reduce the impact force on the user in case of a fall.
  • The progressive tearing of the energy absorber reduces the deceleration on lightweight users, ensuring a safer and more comfortable fall arrest experience.
  • With its compact design, the energy absorber is easy to handle and maneuver, making it a practical tool for high-altitude work.
  • The durable zippered fabric pouch protects the energy absorber from wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan for your equipment.
Size 80cm 150cm
Max Length of Torn Lanyard After Fall 195cm 305cm
Maximum Clearance (for Fall Factor 2) 395cm 575cm
Weight 1.92lbs 2.05lbs