Petzl MICROFLIP Wire Core Flipline

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The Petzl MICROFLIP is a highly durable wire-core flipline lanyard that offers easy positioning in a tree with maximum longevity. The lanyard is designed to be used in double mode on the harness side attachments and features the Petzl MICROGRAB cam-loaded rope clamp that allows for quick length adjustments. The plastic sheath ends on the lanyard hold your carabiners in the correct positions, making it easy to attach and detach from your gear. You can also use a MICRO SWIVEL along with the MICROFLIP to prevent twisting. Whether you're an arborist, climber or rope access worker, the Petzl MICROFLIP is a reliable and sturdy choice for positioning in the tree.
  • Reinforced cable-core lanyard to reduce risk of severing
  • MICROGRAB ergonomic cam-loaded rope clamp
  • Yellow lanyard for excellent visibility
  • Plastic sheaths protected from abrasion
  • Reinforced lanyard bonded to the cable
  • CE EN 358, EAC Certified

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