Petzl Mobile Micro Pulley

$27.99 USD

The Petzl Mobile micro pulley is the perfect tool for climbers and rescue workers who demand versatility and reliability in their equipment. Weighing only 75g - the standard for Petzl pulleys - this ultra-compact pulley is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, making it the ideal choice for those who need to travel light. With its rugged construction and excellent efficiency, the Mobile is perfectly suited for intensive use in a wide range of applications, from simple pulley or hauling systems to more complex operations. And if you need a progress capture pulley, be sure to check out the Partner Petzl pulley for even greater performance and versatility. With Petzl, you can always rely on the highest quality and most innovative solutions for your climbing and rescue needs.


  • Rope Compatibility: 7 to 13 mm in diameter
  • Sheave diameter: 21 mm
  • Efficiency: 71%
  • ABS (minimum breaking strength): 15kN
  • Certification: CE EN 12278
  • Compatible with all shapes of carabiners
  • Sheave mounted on self-lubricating bushings for excellent efficiency
  • Can be used as a tending pulley
  • Swinging side plates
  • Ultra-compact pulley despite a maximum working load of 5kN and breaking strength of 15kN
  • A versatile pulley suitable for a variety of uses, popular among climbers, and a valuable addition to any outdoor rescue kit.