Petzl Naja Cambium Saver

$159.99 USD

The Petzl Naja Cambium Saver is the perfect solution for arborists looking for a reliable and easy-to-use friction saver. The innovative design provides a snag-free attachment point to tree crotches for efficient and quick retrieval. The adjustable strap can adapt to different branch diameters, while the high-efficiency pulley promotes smooth rope glide at the anchor. The system also includes a retrieval ball for effortless retrieval from the ground. This friction saver is ideal for rope ascents and movement in trees, making it a must-have for arborists seeking simplicity and durability in their gear.


  • Breaking strength of 25 kN
  • Maximum load of 250 kg
  • Certified by CE EN 795 B, CE EN 12278, UKCA, and TS 16415
  • Made of aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, and polyester
  • Weighs 400 g
  • Suitable for ropes with a diameter of 11-13 mm
  • Features a sealed ball bearing sheave with an 18 mm diameter and 91% efficiency
  • Allows the work rope to be set up without harming the tree with an adjustable friction saver
  • Strap has four different adjustment positions to adapt to different branch diameters
  • Comes with a 1.5 m replaceable, high-visibility strap that can be connected to another strap to lengthen the friction saver and enable work on larger trees
  • Easy to install the rope with it clipped into the included MINO accessory carabiner
  • Recommended for use on doubled rope (DdRT/MRS); the system may also be used on a single rope (SRT/SRS)
  • The integrated high-efficiency pulley optimizes rope glide at the anchor
  • Two-person use is possible for carrying out a rescue
  • Features a 21 mm black retrieval ball, specially designed for easy retrieval from the ground
  • Once the rope has passed through the pulley, the system can be retrieved when the retrieval ball becomes blocked in the MINO accessory carabiner
  • Slim strap and slots reduce the risk of getting the friction saver stuck in the tree
  • Enables users to work in compliance with the ANSI Z133 standard.