Petzl Ouistiti Full Body Children's Harness

$69.99 USD

Looking for a full-body harness for your little adventurer? Look no further than the Petzl Ouistiti! Designed for children between the ages of approximately 4 to 9 and weighing 66 pounds or less, this harness provides the ultimate in safety and security.

Because younger children may not have much of a hip for a sit harness to hold onto properly, a full body harness is the way to go. The Ouistiti features two DoubleBack buckles, adjustable only at the back, so tiny fingers can't loosen them and compromise their own safety.

Not only is the Ouistiti safe, it's also fun! The colorful webbing on the outside isn't just for looks - it also helps parents and kids alike ensure that the harness is being worn correctly. And with a comfortable, ergonomic design, your child will be happy to wear it for hours on end.

Investing in a full-body harness like the Petzl Ouistiti is a smart choice for parents who prioritize safety. By starting your child off with the right gear at a young age, they can learn valuable skills that will last them a lifetime.



Materials: High-strength polyester webbing, closed-cell foam, polyester

Certifications: CE EN 12277 type B, UIAA

Weight: 410g

Waist Size: 58-70cm  

Leg Size: 32-40cm


Petzl Ouistiti Features:

  • Comfortable harness with easy-to-adjust Doubleback buckles on the back
  • Semi-rigid structure is color-coded for easy donning
  • Full-body climbing harness provides comfort on the ground or when suspended
  • Reinforced front tie-in point is lower for greater comfort during descents
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as kids climbing, youth clubs, and adventure parks
  • Usable for children up to 66lbs
  • Orange-colored dorsal attachment point for safety and visibility