Petzl Sequoia Rope Bridge

$23.99 USD

Style: Old V - 25CM

Old V - 25CM
2019 V - 40CM
2019 V - 45CM
2019 V - 50CM

The Replacement Bridge for Petzl Sequoia and Sequoia SRT harnesses is a rope bridge that is designed to connect to the gated rings on the harness, providing lateral mobility to the user. It is compatible with both the Sequoia and Sequoia SRT saddles and is available in three different lengths to accommodate different body types and preferences. The bridge is made of high-quality rope material that is strong and durable, ensuring safe and comfortable use for the arborist. This replacement bridge can be easily installed onto the harness, making it a convenient solution for users who need to replace their existing bridge.

Material: Nylon