Petzl SPIN L2 Pulley

$154.99 USD

The Petzl Partner Pulley is the ultimate tool for setting up haul systems or tyroleans for work at height or rescue. Its design prioritizes simplicity, efficiency, and easy handling to provide optimal performance in challenging situations.

With its triple-action opening of the moving side plate, the Petzl Partner Pulley ensures quick and easy installation of the rope, even with gloves on. The device can be connected to the anchor, allowing for easy rope installation. The red mark provides a visual warning when the moving side plate is unlocked, ensuring maximum safety during use. Additionally, the special side plate design protects the rope path, ensuring the rope stays securely in place during use.

The large diameter sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings ensure excellent efficiency and provide optimal performance when hauling heavy loads. The Petzl Partner Pulley also features mounted sheaves and an auxiliary attachment point for setting up various types of complex haul systems.

With its swivel feature, the pulley can be oriented under load, making it easy to handle and maneuver. The swivel accepts up to three carabiners, and the auxiliary attachment point allows the use of ropes and slings to facilitate complex maneuvers.

Overall, the Petzl Partner Pulley is a reliable and efficient tool for anyone working at height or engaging in rescue operations. Its design prioritizes simplicity, efficiency, and easy handling, making it a valuable addition to any kit.


  • his pulley has a weight of 480g, making it lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is certified with CE EN 12278, NFPA 1983 Pulley General Use, and UIAA, meeting industry safety standards.
  • The pulley is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon, which ensure durability and longevity.
  • It is designed for use with ropes that have a minimum diameter of 7mm and a maximum diameter of 13mm.
  • The pulley features sealed ball bearings and a sheave diameter of 38mm, which provides excellent efficiency during use.
  • The maximum working load of the pulley is 8kN, with 3kN per strand (more information can be found in the Instructions for Use).
  • The breaking strength of the pulley is 36kN, indicating the maximum force that can be applied before it breaks.
  • The efficiency of the pulley is 95%, which means that the majority of the force applied is used to move the load, making it a reliable tool for climbers and rescue operations.