Petzl Spin S1 Open

$114.99 USD

Upgrade your rigging game with the Petzl Spin S1 Open compact swivel block. This innovative device features a triple-action lock for the side plate, making it easy to use even with thick gloves on. The Petzl Spin S1 Open allows for quick installation of ropes up to 11mm on the high-efficiency sheave, making it the perfect tool for hauling systems and tensioned lines. Plus, the gated swivel can be opened to attach the Petzl Spin S1 Open to a variety of products, adding to its versatility. Experience the ease and convenience of the Petzl Spin S1 Open and take your rigging to the next level.


  • Weighing just 145g (0.32 lbs), this device is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Maximum working load of 5kN ensures reliable performance.
  • Breaking strength of 23kN provides high weight-bearing capacity.
  • Suitable for use with rope diameters ranging from 7mm to 11mm.
  • Efficiency rating of 91% ensures smooth operation.
  • Features a 25mm sheave diameter made from durable aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon materials.
  • Triple-action lock on the moving side plate ensures safe and secure use.
  • Red indicator warns users when the moving side plate is unlocked.
  • Sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency and reduce friction.
  • Can be anchored with ropes and slings for versatile use.
  • Petzl Open technology allows for attachment to a wide variety of products without the need for a carabiner.