Petzl Toolbag

$29.99 USD

Size: XS


The Petzl Toolbag is a practical solution for those working at heights, as it offers generous storage space to keep your tools organized and readily accessible. Designed to attach to your harness, this toolbag also features a secure Cordlock closure, preventing any accidental drops during intense maneuvers. With the Petzl Toolbag, you can focus on your suspended work without worrying about the safety and accessibility of your tools.


  • Keep your tools organized and within reach during suspended work with the Petzl Toolbag.
  • The Cordlock feature makes it easy to close the pouch securely, so you can transport your tools without worrying about them falling out.
  • Designed to attach to any type of harness, the Petzl Toolbag is a versatile solution that accommodates a range of work settings.
  • With the XS pouch, you can even attach the toolbag directly to your waist belt webbing for added convenience.
  • Whether you're performing canopy acrobatics or other high-altitude tasks, the Petzl Toolbag is a reliable companion for your tools.