Petzl Twin Double Pulley

$124.99 USD

The Petzl Twin is a reliable double pulley designed for heavy-duty rescue systems, offering excellent progress capture and high mechanical advantage. With its durable construction and high-strength materials, the Twin can handle heavy loads and tough environments with ease. The pulley features two sheaves that rotate on sealed ball bearings, ensuring smooth operation and reducing friction for optimal efficiency. The Twin's side plates can be opened for quick and easy installation on the rope, while the large attachment point accommodates multiple carabiners. Ideal for rescue professionals and serious adventurers, the Petzl Twin pulley is a top-performing tool that delivers exceptional performance when it matters most.


  • Compatible with ropes ranging from 7mm to 13mm
  • Features a sheave diameter of 51mm
  • Boasts an efficiency rate of 97%
  • Can withstand a maximum working load of 12kN
  • Weighs only 450g, making it lightweight and easy to transport
  • Special side plates are designed for use with a Prusik friction hitch in progress capture systems
  • Features parallel mounted sheaves and an auxiliary attachment point that allows for the creation of different types of hauling systems, including the most complex
  • Large diameter sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency
  • Can accept up to three carabiners, making it easy to use in a variety of applications.