Arbo Space Multi Rigging Block Sling 5/8" x 6' Lupex

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The Arbo Space Multi Sling is now available in a block version, made with 5/8" Arbo Space Lupex. The sling features a rigging block that is installed and captured in the terminal eye, allowing for easy length adjustment using the spliced pockets at fixed intervals. This versatile and durable sling is perfect for any rigging scenario.

  • 5/8" Lupex
  • Choked configuration MBS 18,000 LBS
  • Only designed for use in choked configuration
  • Will fit most smaller blocks [Exceptions CMI RP146 (1" Blue), ISC RP57 (Yellow), DMM Impact Large]
  • 6 consecutive 6" Pockets
  • 6' Usable length
  • 7' Overall Length

Blocks verified to fit:

  • CMI: RP130, RP131, RP145
  • DMM: Small (5/8" no hole)
  • ESA 3/4"
  • ISC: Red & Blue Rigging blocks (RP055, RP054, RP053, RP052, RP051, RP050), Flame (RP056)
  • Stein: 5/8" Block

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