Reecoil Rope Bag 28L

$114.99 USD

The Reecoil Rope Bag 28L, is a masterpiece of design that ensures you're well-prepared for your next climbing adventure. This bag boasts a robust Double Wall construction, adding extra durability and enabling the bag to stand upright, simplifying the loading process.


  • Removable Backpack Straps: Enjoy versatility with the option to carry this bag on your back.
  • External Silky (Hand Saw) Pocket: Securely store your essentials, such as a hand saw, for quick access.
  • Clear Risk Assessment Pocket: Keep important documents handy and visible.
  • Multiple Handles: With two Top Carry Handles and one Hardened Duffel Carry Handle, you have various carrying options.
  • Carabiner Loops: Inside and outside the bag, offering a convenient way to organize your gear.
  • ZIP-TOP Lid and Drawstring Closure: Ensure your equipment is protected and secure.
  • Impressive Capacity: Accommodates 100m of 11mm rope or easily fits 60m of 11.7mm climbing line.

Manufacturer Part Number: ROPEBAG28