Rock Exotica Pirate Up-Lock Carabiner - Arbo Space

Rock Exotica Pirate Up-Lock Carabiner

$26.00 USD

Rock Exotica's Pirate Carabiner is a popular HMS carabiner that accommodates the use of a wide range of gear - but some arborists don't like the unlocking motion used by Rock Exotica carabiners (pulling down before twisting). That's why Rock Exotica has released a new line of Up-Lock carabiners - so your super-durable Pirate matches the gate style of your other equipment.

MBS: 26kN

Minor Axis MBS: 11kN

Open Gate MBS: 7kN

Weight: 2.85oz (80g)

Gate Opening: 24mm (0.94 in)

  • Triple-action gate with unlocked by pulling up and twisting
  • Robust half-inch diameter round frame provides a perfect running surface for textiles
  • Impressive service life
  • Beveled edges on gate to minimize risk of dangerous cross-loading
  • Large and ergomically angled gate opening