Rock Exotica Transporter XL

$90.00 USD

Since its debut, the original Transporter has become an indispensable tool for arborists and technical climbers across various industries, renowned for its rigid frame and innovative selective-locking mechanism. This mechanism ensures that gear and tools are securely transported to wherever the job demands. Building on this legacy, the Transporter XL emerges, retaining all the trusted features of its predecessor while offering a larger frame and an enhanced carrying capacity.

Key Enhancements of the Transporter XL:

  • Expanded Frame: The larger frame is designed to accommodate a greater volume of equipment, making it suitable for more extensive operations.
  • Increased Carrying Capacity: With the enhanced size, the Transporter XL allows for the transport of more tools and gear, ensuring you have everything you need at your worksite.
  • Selective-Locking Mechanism: This signature feature continues to provide secure, reliable transport of equipment, ensuring that your gear stays in place, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Rigid Frame Construction: The sturdy frame that users have come to rely on is maintained, providing durability and reliability in a variety of conditions.