Rock ExoticaRockX Screwlock Mini Carabiner

$14.99 USD

The rockX Screwlock is a remarkable addition to the family of rockX accessory/utility carabiners, offering outstanding versatility in a compact size. With its solid aluminum construction, this carabiner ensures durability and strength for a variety of applications.

Featuring a screw-lock mechanism, the rockX Screwlock provides an added layer of security, giving you peace of mind when you need it most. Its 5 kN (1124 lbf) MBS non-PPE rating makes it a reliable choice for connecting non-life-support equipment.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the rockX Screwlock boasts contours along its top and bottom profile, allowing for easy handling and hassle-free operation.

Whether you're organizing gear or requiring a secure connection, the rockX Screwlock is a reliable companion that delivers exceptional performance. Explore the possibilities and experience the convenience of this compact yet powerful carabiner.

Elevate your gear collection with the rockX Screwlock and unlock a world of possibilities in your outdoor pursuits.


  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength): 5kN (1124lbs)
  • Weight: 0.37oz (10.4gm)
  • Not for climbing use

Manufacturer Part Number: C7 S-B