Samson Stable Braid 9/16"

$179.99 USD

Length: 150


Splice Option: None

Large Eye Splice
Double Large Eye Splice
Sewn Eye
Double Sewn Eye

Color: Red


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Samson Stable Braid Ropes: Top Choice for Arborists

Designed for Arboriculture Excellence: Samson Stable Braid ropes, known for their firm, double braid polyester construction, offer the low stretch, high strength, and stability crucial for arboricultural rigging and bull rope applications.

Durability and Versatility Combined: Ideal for challenging tree care tasks, these ropes excel in abrasion and UV resistance, ensuring reliable performance during tree removals, rigging, and other arborist activities.

Tailored to Arborist Requirements: With diameters from 1/2" to 1", these ropes cater to a variety of tree care needs. Their high strength-to-weight ratio makes them suitable for heavy loads while remaining manageable for precise tasks.

Key Arborist Features:

  • Perfect for rigging lines and bull ropes
  • Minimal elongation for controlled operations
  • Robust against environmental elements
  • Available in sizes for diverse arboriculture needs

Enhance your arborist operations with Samson Stable Braid ropes, a leading choice for safety and efficiency in tree care.

Diameter (Inches) Weight Per 100 Feet (Lbs.) Minimum Break Strength (Lbs.)
1/2" 8.2 8,800
9/16" 11.0 11,300
5/8" 14.0 13,900
3/4" 18.0 17,300 
7/8" 27.1 25,400
1" 34.0 33,300