Silky Zubat Ultimate Professional 330mm

$94.99 USD

Pick: Silky Zubat Ultimate Professional 330mm

Silky Zubat Ultimate Professional 330mm
Silky Zubat Ultimate Professional 330mm Blade

The Silky Zubat Ultimate Professional 330mm is a top-tier handsaw tailored for the professional tree care industry. It merges a progressive tooth design with advanced GOKAI-ME teeth for effective and precise cuts. Featuring a durable nickel-plated blade and equipped with a 3D Roller Lock System, this saw is built to last. Its ergonomic design includes a non-slip handle and a sturdy sheath, ensuring both comfort and safety. Offering exceptional strength, balance, and a limited lifetime warranty, this handsaw stands out as a premium choice for arborists and tree care professionals.


  • Progressive Tooth Design: Smooth cutting strokes with an aggressive curved blade.
  • GOKAI-ME Teeth: Ideal for removing sawdust and performing rip-cuts, cross-cuts, and slant-cuts.
  • 3D Roller Lock System: Protects the scabbard, extending its lifespan.
  • Nickel-Plated Blade: Enhances rust resistance for greater durability.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Features a non-slip molded rubber grip for comfort and safety.
  • Pivoting Sheath: Durable design with a detachable belt holder for ease of access.
  • Quality and Warranty: Superior finish, strength, and balance, supported by a limited lifetime warranty against defects.
  • Specifications: Blade is 330mm (13 inches) long, 1.4mm kerf, weighing approximately 500g (1.1 lb).

Manufacturer Part Number: 746-33