STEIN Elevate Climbing Spurs

$399.00 USD

Color: Black


Style: Tree Gaffs

Tree Gaffs
Pole Gaffs

The STEIN ELEVATE Climbing Spurs feature a one-piece Aluminum Shank with a 5-degree off-set tilt. This tilt is engineered to align with your natural stance, facilitating the smooth transfer of downward force from your leg through the gaff and into the pole or trunk. To enhance durability, the shank undergoes a hard anodization process that safeguards the aluminum material.


The shank is equipped with a series of adjustment holes, providing a height variation of up to 90mm. To attach the Calf Pad, specially designed threaded inserts are employed, eliminating the need to thread the holes in the spurs and preventing cross-threading issues.

Recognizing the diversity in climbers' lower legs and calves, the ELEVATE Calf Pad is crafted from 2mm Aluminum. This material can be easily customized to your calf width, ensuring a secure fit. Additionally, the Calf Pad offers full height adjustability, with a 90mm height variation, and can be offset by 4 degrees to enhance climber comfort.

The Inner Pad, which is washable, features vertical ribbing for added comfort and improved ventilation. It is securely held within the Aluminum shell using a heavy-duty hook & loop system.

To fasten the ELEVATE Spurs to the leg, a 100mm wide Hook & Loop system is employed, along with a traditional synthetic leather strap equipped with a buckle for a secure and comfortable fit.

Manufacturer Part Number:  SS-46302K1043