STEIN Ground Tarp

$96.99 USD

The STEIN UTILITY TARP, measuring 215cm x 150cm, is an incredibly versatile tool with countless applications. Crafted in the USA from heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin material and stitched using high-tensile nylon thread, it's built to withstand rigorous use. To enhance durability, all edges are folded and welded, and the corners are reinforced with Cordura Material Patches.

Each corner features rubber webbed looped handles, allowing for a wide range of configurations, and there's a brass eyelet in each corner to secure the tarp to the ground when needed.

These tarps serve as excellent ground covers, shielding items from moisture and dirt. They can be placed beneath a tent, sleeping bag, or picnic setup, among other uses. Additionally, they offer protection when laid over seats or truck beds and can safeguard your gear from the elements when draped on top.


• Length 215cm
• Width 150cm
• Weight 2.0kg

Manufacturer Part Number: SS-5054066215