STEIN RC4600 Arbor Trolley

$999.99 USD

In September 2010, the groundbreaking STEIN Arbor-Trolley was introduced, revolutionizing the handling of brash and logs by offering a versatile, multi-functional solution.

Fast forward to 2022, and the Arbor-Trolley has evolved based on invaluable input from end-users:

  1. Enhanced Handle Design: Crafted to prevent ankle bites and discomfort.
  2. Adjustable Handle: Now with a 110mm (4.5") height adjustment feature.
  3. Modular Frame Design: Incorporating replaceable frame components for increased durability.
  4. Streamlined Shipping: The new modular design reduces shipping costs by minimizing dimensions.
  5. Expanded Accessory Range: Offering more options to cater to diverse needs.

Notably, whether manufactured in the USA or the United Kingdom, both versions adhere to the same rigorous standards and specifications, ensuring top-notch quality.

This product has an oversize shipping fee of $49.95

Key Features:

  • Impressive Load Capacity: The RC4600 Arbor-Trolley can carry weights of up to 500kg (1100 lbs), equivalent to over five man-loads of loose brash in one trip.

  • Space-Efficient Design: With a width of only 75cm (29.5 inches), it's ideal for maneuvering through narrow access gateways.


  • Versatile Handling Solution: This multi-functional system serves various purposes, reducing transportation time and manual labor while ensuring safety.

  • Enhanced Productivity: It boosts efficiency, reducing workforce fatigue and streamlining operations at the worksite.

  • Cleaner Worksite: By reducing debris handling, it minimizes the need for cleanup efforts, leaving a more organized work environment.

  • Professional Presentation: Using the RC4600 Arbor-Trolley not only improves efficiency but also portrays a professional image for your operations.

Manufacturer Part Number: 73069000