STEIN RCW3001 Single Bollard Lowering Device

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PIck: STEIN RCW3001 Single Bollard Lowering Device

STEIN RCW3001 Single Bollard Lowering Device

The STEIN RC3001, since its inauguration in 2009, has been synonymous with unparalleled reliability and has confidently secured its place as a globally sought-after lowering bollard. Catering to varied rigging needs across the world, it has consistently earned the trust and respect of its extensive user base.

In 2015, your trusted RC3001 evolved into the RCW-3001, seamlessly merging traditional bollard functionality with an optional winch system - all without forgoing the integrity and features that have become its hallmark. The advent of the RCWINCH mechanism amplifies its functionality, providing users with a system that can swiftly adapt between independent bollard use and integrated winching without the need for tools or line disruptions.

Key Enhancements and Ingenious Design Insights:

  • Uncompromised Ease: Easily attach and detach the RCWINCH during use, ensuring no disruption to the working line or the product’s stellar performance.
  • Diverse Operational Capacities: Navigate between standalone bollard functionality and lifting capability, facilitated by the winch’s quick attachment feature.
  • Dependable Lowering Procedures: Distinguished from other winch-style bollards, the RCWINCH supports the load independently during lowering, ensuring an unencumbered and secure operation.
  • Guaranteed Load Support: The load is adeptly managed by the bollard, while the winch, attached through a friction hitch, ensures precise positioning before effortlessly transferring weight to the main rigging line.

Despite its robust build, weighing over 13kg (excluding the winch and mounting straps), the RCW-3001 ensures a user-friendly experience. Utilizing the top attachment point as a suspension point enables a single operator to mount the device with ease, subsequently attaching the winch within moments.

Accommodating working lines up to 19mm and sustaining a working load limit of up to 3000kg (dependent on mounting type), the large diameter drum features two sets of 45-degree angled rope guides (fairleads) for swift wrap adjustments. The device securely attaches to trees via a specially designed ratchet strap, featuring waterproof webbing and can be additionally secured using an Anchor-Sling at the base anchor point. Each unit comes standard with two heavy-duty rubber inserts for optimal tree protection.

Navigate your rigging jobs with the RCW-3001, arguably the most adaptable and user-centric Winching Bollard available to date, ensuring every operation, from lifting to lowering, is executed with unmatched ease and reliability. Immerse yourself in a world where operational flexibility, reliability, and innovative design converge, ensuring your rigging tasks are not just accomplished, but masterfully executed with the STEIN RCW-3001.


  • Colorful Design: Striking Blue and Yellow hues not only add aesthetic appeal but also enhance visibility and safety.
  • Unyielding Strength: Constructed with high-quality Steel, ensuring durability and reliability throughout its service life.
  • Ample Rope Capacity: Accommodates 3/4 in (19 mm) ropes, striking a balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Impressive Work Load: With a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 6613.8 lbs (29.4 kN), manage hefty operations with confidence and security.

Manufacturer Part Number: SS-RCW3001-KIT