Teufelberger bMOTION Pro

$449.99 USD

Size: M-L


Teufelberger is proud to present the bMOTION Pro, the culmination of years of dedicated improvement and active listening to the tree climbing community. This full-body harness, the first of its kind manufactured in Europe, is specifically designed for tree workers utilizing mobile platforms and cherry pickers. The bMOTION Pro represents a significant leap forward, embodying our commitment to innovation and the needs of climbers.

bMOTION Pro Details:

  • Extended Lifespan: Boasts a 10-year life from the date of manufacture, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Sizing Versatility: Available in two sizes, M-L and L-XL, to accommodate a wide range of users with optimal fit.
  • Smart Color-Coding System: Features a green and red color scheme with clearly visible markings for attachment points (A), dramatically reducing the risk of misconfiguration and misuse.
  • Innovative Buckles: Openable and adjustable aluminum buckles are equipped with a safe closing indicator for added security.
  • Lanyard Storage: Includes 2 red fiber loops for convenient lanyard connector storage (park lanyard attachments).
  • Multiple Attachment Points: Offers 4 green attachment points for versatile use:
    • Foldable Dorsal (Fall arrest)
    • 2 foldable, lateral D-rings (Restraint and work positioning)
    • Sternal (Fall arrest)
  • Fall Indicators: Incorporated into the webbing beneath the fall arrest eyelets for enhanced safety awareness.
  • Optimized Comfort: Equipped with comfortable padding on the shoulders, waist, and legs for extended wear without discomfort.
  • Tool and Material Loops: 3 red fiber loops for carrying materials and tools, plus 4 stainless steel rings for attaching tool bags, keeping essentials within reach.