Teufelberger KM Pro

$184.50 USD

Color: Red


Size: 150


Termination: None

Sewn Eye
Two Sewn Eyes

The Teufelberger KM Pro is a groundbreaking rope designed exclusively for the rope access industry. Crafted with expertise, the KM Pro combines the best of Teufelberger's flagship rescue product, KMIII®, with the specific demands of rope access work. This exceptional rope offers superior strength, handling, tenacity, and abrasion resistance, all while keeping elongation at an impressive low.

KM Pro's unique construction merges polyester and nylon, delivering a perfect blend that ensures excellent performance without the rigid feel of solid polyester ropes. This exceptional combination results in remarkable efficiency gains, providing top-notch functionality at a cost lower than comparable ropes, even those carrying the NFPA price tag.

Safety is paramount with KM Pro, holding life safety certifications according to EN1891A and CI1801. With an impressive minimum breaking strength (MBS) of 35kN (7,865 lbf) and an elongation of only 2.0%, this rope guarantees reliability under intense conditions. The polyamide core maintains the rope's roundness and suppleness even after extensive use, while the polyester sheath offers static, strong, chemical, and UV-resistant protection.

Unleash the potential of KM Pro, the rope you've been waiting for. Elevate your rope access experience with this high-performing, cost-effective, and industry-certified solution. Take KM Pro for a ride and see the difference for yourself.


  • High strength construction ensures dependability in demanding tasks
  • Impressive minimum tensile strength of 7865 lbs for secure support
  • Diameter: 11mm" for optimal strength and performance
  • Compliant with standards & certifications: EN 1891 Type A, CI 1805
  • Kernmantle construction enhances strength and flexibility
  • Nylon/Polyester material blend for durability and reliability
  • UV and chemical resistant sheath for enhanced durability
  • Eye-catching Blue/White or Red/White color for easy visibility

Manufacturer Part Number: 736083