Teufelberger Sirius MultiSling

$53.99 USD

Size: 1.3 Meters

1.3 Meters

The Teufelberger Sirius multiSLING has undergone a remarkable transformation from the renowned 10 mm Sirius rope to become an essential and versatile tool for professional arborists. This remarkable sling now incorporates a top-notch aluminum ring provided by the esteemed manufacturer DMM. With its exceptional design, the Sirius multiSLING serves a multitude of purposes, including use as an anchor sling, hitch cord in both single-leg and choked configurations. Its stitched eye is specifically designed to accommodate the size of a DMM Revolver carabiner. Experience the reliability and flexibility of the Sirius multiSLING, a true game-changer for arborists.


  • Certified: EN 795B, EN 566, EN 354
  • Length options: 1.0m (39") or 1.3m (51")
  • Weight: 159g
  • ABS (Minimum Breaking Strength): >22kN

Manufacturer Part Number: 7350074