Weaver Arborist Speedline Kit

$304.99 USD

Stay Prepared with This Handy Kit: This comprehensive package includes six 36" Blaze Orange Loop Runners, four 30" Orbit Yellow Loop Runners, ten Climbing Technology Key TG Carabiners, and two robust nylon bales for convenient storage. Whether you're a pro climber or just getting started, this kit ensures you have the essential gear you need, neatly organized and ready for action.


Speedline Kit:

  • Save Time and Effort on the Job with a Speedline Setup
  • Kit Includes Loop Runners and a Rope for Efficient Material Movement
  • Ideal for Quickly Relocating Pieces from Trees to Designated Drop Areas

Loop Runners (Choker Straps):

  • Constructed of Tubular Nylon Webbing
  • Medium-Duty for Tree Work and Climbing
  • Circular Construction Distributes Wear Evenly, Reducing Wear in Specific Spots

Loop Runner Specifications:

  • Ultimate Breaking Strength (UBS): 7,000 lbs
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 1,400 lbs
  • Kilonewtons (kN): 31 kN

Carabiner Features:

  • Profiled Shape Optimizes Major Axis Loading
  • Triplex Twist-Lock Gate for Secure Attachment

Carabiner Major Axis Strength:

  • Major Axis Strength: 22 kN

Manufacturer Part Number: 08650-80