Teufelberger Xstatic 11.7mm

Size: 150 ft
Service Type: One Sewn Eye
Sale price$212.00

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If you're searching for a versatile climbing rope that combines high tensile strength with minimal elongation, Xstatic is the perfect choice. Its special kernmantle construction ensures superior performance, providing better control for smooth descents and easy retrieval even with multiple redirects.

With Xstatic, you can focus on efficiently taking care of the tree, without worrying about the quality of your climbing gear. This rope has been successfully tested in the field with all common hardware by experienced tree climbers around the world, ensuring its reliability and durability.

Whether you're using it as an SRT access line or work positioning line, Xstatic delivers the precision and performance you need to tackle any climbing challenge.


Cover: Polyester
Core: Nylon
Standard: EN 1891A, ANSI Z133
Plait number: 32
Lengths: 150ft, 200ft, and 600ft


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