Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard W/ Petzl Micrograb & Petzl Triact Carabiner

$179.99 USD

Size: 10ft.


Equip yourself with the Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard, accompanied by the Petzl Micrograb and Petzl Triact Carabiner, for a winning combination that ensures safety and efficiency during your climbing endeavors.

The Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard is a robust and reliable tool that excels in demanding climbing scenarios. With a diameter of 11.7mm, it strikes a perfect balance between strength and manageability, providing you with confidence and control as you ascend and descend.

Enhance your climbing system with the Petzl Micrograb, a versatile and efficient rope grab that allows for smooth and secure adjustments. Its reliable grip ensures stability and precise positioning during your climbs, giving you the freedom to focus on your next move.

Completing this setup is the Petzl Triact Carabiner, renowned for its strength and dependability. With its innovative Triact-locking system, it offers an added layer of gate security, giving you peace of mind as you tackle challenging climbs.

Embrace the exceptional performance of the Yale Blue Moon 11.7mm HS Lanyard, Petzl Micrograb, and Petzl Triact Carabiner. Together, they form a winning team, elevating your climbing experience to new heights. With this reliable and efficient combination, you can confidently pursue your climbing goals with enhanced safety and ease.


Average Breaking Strength: 6500 lbs.

Lengths:  10ft,12ft,15ft,20ft,

Working Load Limit: 650 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number: YBMHSLWPMGTC