Yale Kernmaster Safari 11mm Rope

$158.99 USD

Length: 150'


Termination:: None

Sewn Eye
Two Sewn Eyes

Yale Cordage's Safari static line is a game changer for static rappelling construction. Unlike traditional parallel, bundled core constructions of nylon, the Kernmaster™ utilizes a unique 48-strand solution dyed polyester braided cover (mantle) and a braided nylon core that has been steam-stabilized. This design maximizes energy absorption, minimizes core fiber fatigue, enhances working flexibility, and eliminates in-field hardening. The result is a static line that delivers unparalleled performance and durability for all your rappelling needs.

Diameter 11mm (7/16")
Strand Count Kernmantle
Country of Manufacture US
Manufacturer Part Number 76713228R
Specific Gravity 1.23
ABS 7,100 lbs.
Weight per 100' 5.5 lbs